Sent by Austrian Service Abroad, I’m working as a Social Servant at Casa de los Tres Mundos from 08/01/2008 to 07/31/2009.

Casa de los Tres Mundos

The foundation „Casa de los Tres Mundos“ is an institution created to initiate, support and promote cultural projects in Nicaragua and Central America. Besides these artistic, musical and educational activities, which emphasize support for the poorer segments of Nicaraguan society, the foundation finances and coordinates an integrative rural development project in Malacatoya.

Both meeting people and gaining positive work-experience are my motivation to serve my civil service abroad.

Josef Dabernig - Portrait

My work areas are: IT, Marketing, Event-Management, Arts (Musics), Photography, …

From my point of view, the Austrian Service Abroad integrates:

  • Give: support development, exchange ideas and help people
  • Get: gain experience, get to know many people and receive constructive feedback

Each part is fundamental and should be considered equally!